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As at London Square and London Street

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As at London Square and London Street, a reference to Hugh, later Sir Hugh, London, imperial diamond setter and rich seventeenth-century business person whose brainwave the New River was and who longed for transporting boundless supplies of perfect, crisp water about 40 miles from Great Amwell and Chadwell in Hertfordshire to a spot close to Sadler's Wells.
He did it as well, in spite of the fiercest conceivable resistance, from both those landowners over whose domains his channel would pass and an assortment of other personal stakes. London in any case submitted himself to finishing the employment in only four years, something which demonstrated a battle until James I put his shoulder to the take in return for a large portion of the benefits.
After four years the water started to stream along an open channel 10ft wide and 4ft profound into the Round Pond by Sadler's Wells. Before long London's New River Company had unearthed three more repositories, from which sweet water was funneled into the City along wooden pipes no leakier than our own, and London had gathered a baronetcy for his endeavors. Further reward came in 1862 when John Thomas was charged to shape him in marble, the subsequent figure being exhibited by the affluent contract Sir Samuel Morton Peto, disclosed by Gladstone, and raised on Islington Green.
A reasonable reference to the Edict of Nantes, the scandalous repudiation of which in 1685 denied numerous essential social liberties to French Protestants inciting thousands to escape the nation. Numerous wound up in London, functioning as weavers in and around Spitalfields, while others crossed the stream to settle in Wandsworth in what was then still Surrey.
By the mid 1700s the quantity of weavers in Spitalfields may have been as high as 30,000 – Flemish laborers and additionally French Huguenots, with the last building no less than nine French temples in the area, the most celebrated of which (in Brick Lane) in this manner turned into a synagogue, a Methodist house of prayer and after that a mosque as the demographic profile of the neighborhood populace advanced.

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