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You have now entered the gate to the ultimate pleasure and delight delivered by prestigious Kensington Escorts. Our agency is about luxurious escort experience, which is as great as Kensington area itself. We are working with sophisticated elegant girl who are real professionals when it comes to the art of keeping a man an extraordinary company. We are using the word ‘art’ deliberately and thoughtfully because girls who are working with our Kensington Escort Agency are real artists. The art of flirting is something, which they have perfected to the limit. At the same time they are still willing to learn more and never do not choose half measures.

Our Kensington Escorts are perfectionist and they are working really hard and with a dedication to see the glow of bliss at your smiling face. But it is not about hard work. Or at least it is not only about it. The thing that makes the different and the reason our escorts are one in a million is that they just love their job. They have been polishing their talents in satisfying men and offering them unbelievable amounts of pleasure. Our escorts are proud of their bodies and they are aware that this ‘phisys’ can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to others. They love having fun and parting.

Some of them are real parties animals so if you are feeling like recreating the second Woodstock you can find a volunteer among our spectacular models. There are girls who prefer more intimate atmosphere and will definitely appreciate a glass of a good wine and a candle-lit bedroom. The only question is what would you like to do tonight? We have a great and amazingly comprehensive online gallery where you can familiarize yourself with our working girl. Each lady is briefly described, but in way that definitely highlights her strengths and natural predispositions. But in this business even the most insightful description is not enough.

That is the reason we have a lot of pictures for you so that you could really meet the girl before you meet her tonight. These pictures are very sensual and enchanting so you can easily become infatuated with these spendind beauties on your laptop screen. The great thing is our photographs are 100% real and genuine. There is nor risk that the lady from your computer will be totally different from the one knocking at your door in forty minutes time. We are really taking care of our clients and we know this part is very important.

So just lay back and relax with you favorite drink in your hand. Look at the pictures and just choose the girl which you are the most attracted to. The next step, and we are almost there, is calling our agency using one of the provided numbers. We are waiting for your calls seven days a week. We are operating our services twelve hours a day, from six pm to six am. That is a lot of time! If you want to spend just a few hours with your girl that is fine.

Most of our Clients choose mostly the whole night of pleasure and we do strongly recommend this kind of choice. Barely a few hours is definitely not enough to fully appreciate and taste the ultimate pleasure offerd by our amazing girls. Give yourself a break and have a full night of amazing delight and sweet companionship at a price that everybody can afford. That is really something and you will be remembering this night for the rest of your life!