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As said in the review above, I've been seeing Cassandra in any event once every year for as far back as 4 years. Every session continues showing signs of improvement, more erotic, and did I say that it's so hot between us that she reliably gets me off 3x?!?...well she does. In this specific visit, here it goes:
I sat on the edge of the bed as she remained between my legs. We began by running our hands everywhere on each other and feel each other's body. We began kissing pretty exotically like she was truly my better half and it was really wet with our tongues just about in a tangle. I asked her to set out the bed as I licked her body from neck down to her pussy. I spent a significant sum her neck, spit on her areolas and sucked them (which she truly adored when I spit on them), and made out with her delicious pussy. I ordinarily don't go down on a supplier, yet her pussy is constantly perfect, shaved, and notices great. I glinted her clit with my tongue and could make her cum. I then stood up and approached her to blow me for a bit. I then put on a spread and fucked her in that spot while she lay on the edge of the bed. It's been a while for me, so it didn't take long to blast.
We rested for a bit and just began discussing life and our own particular theories. There's a continuous rush of excitement with Cassandra even in the middle of rounds.
by Haven, from Edmonton | Written on 2016-08-15

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